الدرس الثامن عشر .للغة الانجليزية التالتة اعدادي

الدرس الثامن عشر

Making suggestions

Some expressions

  • Let’s revise our lessons.
  • What about going to the cinema tonight
  • How about playing cards
  • Why don't we do our homework
  • Couldn't we invite your grandmother to our party
  • Shall we have a walk along the river
  • What would you say to a cup of coffee
  • Don't you think it is a good idea to watch TV
  • Does it matter if we use your car

Accepting a suggestion

  • Ok. Yes, let's.
  • Yes, I'd like to
  • Yes, I'd love to.
  • What a good idea
  • Why not
  • Yes, with pleasure.
  • Yes, I feel like taking a walk.

Disagreeing with a suggestion

  • No, let's not.
  • No, I'd rather not.
  • I don't feel like it.
  • I dislike doing homework.
  • What an awful idea


.Let’s go to the zoo
No, I don’t like animals.
How about going to the park
Yes that’s a good idea. Let’s go

. I think you should buy the blue one.
That's a good idea.

. I don't think you should sell your car.
Thanks for the advice, but I really need the money.

. Let's go bowling tonight.
Sorry, I can't. I'm meeting a friend for dinner.

Why don't we go skiing on Saturday
Sounds like a good idea. Where do you want to go

. Why don't you come with me to Fez
Thanks, but I've already been there.

Expressing ability

Rule: can + subject + verb


Can you play rugby
No, I can’t, but I can play football

Can you climb a mountain
Yes, I can

Can you drive a car
No , I can’t

Can they play water polo
No, they can't

Can he play ice hockey
Yes, he can