الدرس الثاني .للغة الانجليزية التالتة اعدادي

الدرس الثاني

Second lesson:

the simple present of verb to be

This is my second lesson in which I shall talk about the use of the verb 'to be' in the present simple and its different forms

Affirmative :

Full forms :

I am a student.

You are a teacher.

He is a doctor.

She is a nurse.

It is a cat

We are students.

You are teachers.

They are doctors.

Short forms (contracted forms) :

I’m a French writer.

You’re a Moroccan player.

He’s an English actor

She’s an Egyptian teacher.

It’s an Arabic book.

We’re Spanish pupils.

You’re Italian lawyers.

They’re Brazilian tailors.

Negative :

Full forms :

I am not absent.

You are not from Rabat.

He is not ill.

She is not stupid.

It is not hot today.

We are not fine.

You are not bad.

They are not good.

Short forms :

I’m not happy.

You’re not/ you aren’t rich.

He’s not/ isn’t poor.

She’s not/ isn’t young.

It’s not/ isn’t a long day.

We’re not/ aren’t at home.

You’re not/ aren’t in the courtyard.

They’re not/ aren’t at school.

Interrogative (yes/ no questions) :

Am I tall ?

-Yes, you are.

No, you’re not.

Are you hungry ?

Yes, I am.

No, I am not.

Is he fat ?

Yes, he is.

No, he isn’t.

Is she a teacher ?

Yes, she is.

No, she’s not.

Is it a black pen ?

Yes, it is.

No, it is not.

Are we in the classroom ?

Yes, you are.

No, you aren’t.

Are you from Japan ?

Yes, we are.

No, we are not.

Are they intelligent ?

Yes, they are.

No, they aren’t.

Here are some exercises on this lesson :

A/ Complete the following sentences with : are – is -am

1-Said ---------good at math.
2- I -------- not as good at Math as Said.
3- John and Brian --------in Morocco for a couple of weeks.
4- Where ---------you from?
5- Where -------- your notebook?
6- They-------------happy
7- She-------------tall.
8- We------------cold.
9- The boy---------thirsty.
10- Rachid and I--------from Agadir.
B/ Answer these questions using the right form of the verb to be :

1- Are you fine?
- No,--------------

2- Is it cold today?

3- Are they from Casablanca?

4- How old are you ?
I-------------18 years old.

5-Where is Khadija from ?
She---------from Fez.
C/ Put these sentences in the negative form :

Example : I am a student
I am not a student.

1- Farid is at home.

2- Karim and his sister are hungry.

3- It’s a fine day.

4- He is a bus driver.

5- You are a lazy boy.

Good luck.